Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Titans Q & A with Sean McKeever

Yes, we're all burning with questions. Any romance between the Teen Titans? Will we be seeing any of the other missing year Titans in the near-future, or will you be mostly focusing on the "starting lineup" to define them? Any plans for Wendy & Marvin? Can you make Cassie stop to be an emo?

My favorites questions and answers...

Q: That's one overpowered team you've got there. You've got some larger than life, over the top, threats in mind?

Sean: They're going up against Dan DiDio and his Killstick of Death.

Q: Sorry to sound mean,and I hope I don't come across as such since I'm sure you got a good reason why you can't say more on it,but I'm still afraid they will drift off into limbo. And recent history has shown that the last place a Titan needs to be right now is in limbo(especially if they're female with an unresolved backstory...luckily none of the current roster is like that,but still...)

Sean: I know there's been a lot of death and mayhem around the Titans lately, so I understand your hesitance, but I'm telling you I wouldn't just say that stuff to placate the New Teen Titans fans. I hope that helps.

Q: What's the focus of the book now? First, Geoff made it a place for teens to hang their and hats and for them to train... Never really saw any of that... then, The titans were suppose to be more family oriented.... But just as the "family" kinda gets together, more members seem to be leaving. So whats the premise now going to be as you go foward?

Sean: Pretty much all of the above. You'll definitely see the hang-out aspect. I once pitched a series to Marvel that was tentatively titled Super Hero Social Club, which wasn't a team book but an ensemble of all the teen/early 20s heroes hanging out on top of Stark Tower and going on adventures, living their lives, etc. So that aspect really appeals to me.

Q: With Miss Martian getting more focus, will we be seeing a meeting between her and J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter???

Sean: Chances are pretty good.

Q: Any chance we could get a real Titans East team made up of former heroic Titans? So many of them have been in Limbo(or close to it for so long). Names like Troia, Tempest, Red Star, and Bumblebee instantly come to mind. While I like the current team, it sure would be great if some of the classic Titans had a home.

Sean: Donna's in Countdown like you wouldn't believe. As for the rest, you never know where they might turn up...

Q: Sean, in one issue Rose tried to seduce Tim in a memorible scene (that even Geoff puts as one of his favorites he did). Any chance you might actually follow up on it and maybe at least hint off to a relationship between them or something?

Sean: I loved that scene! (Wait and see.)

Q: Will the Supergirl you're writing be closest to the Kelly version or the Waid version?

Sean: I'm not gonna answer that one just yet, except to say that I will make the great, big rash of Supergirl haters like her, I think.

Q: Seriously though, AWSOME news on you writing the Titans. Any chance that at some point down the road, we could see a dead Titan return to the fold? Can't wait to see what you have cooked up.

Sean: Anything's possible. Can't wait until you read #50...

Q: Any plans for Bart Allen or Conner Kent?

Sean: Hmm...

If the Titans series is half as entertaining as Sean's answers, good times are ahead! Want more? Here's the Q & A threads: Forums

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