Monday, June 18, 2007

Donna Troy: Challenger of the Beyond

The Pulse reports (
DC NEWS FROM WIZ PHILLY: COUNTDOWN & WORLD'S FINEST NOTES) : "Also on the way is a new team, Challengers of the Beyond, featuring Donna Troy, Kyle Raynor and Jason Todd, who will serve as a kind of DC counterpart to Marvel's Exiles (my comparison, not the panel's) as they tour the 52 worlds of DC's current multiverse. The team will star in six series, starting with Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer, by writer Ron Marz. The book will “put them in situations and settings you never thought you'd see in a 'real' DC book,” Marz said. He added that it will be “a chance to see Kyle and Donna [together] again, and John Byrne is unlikely to separate them this time - though Jason Todd might.”"

At that panel, Wayne explained that there may be no more Elseworlds books, since, with the 52 universes now counted in DC's continuity, everything would be “Tales of the Multiverse.” Carlin noted the interesting match-ups in store for the Challengers as they go to everything from “the Crime Syndicate world to the Red Son world.” In answer to a fan's question, Carlin said the company was gong to leave some of the 52 slots open for now, to allow some flexibility in universes yet to be created. "

Donna and Jason Todd? ... !!! Donna & Kyle, yeah. But Jason & Donna? Please, no.


  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger Avi Green said…

    I really don't see what the whole purpose was in bringing back Todd, other than to apparently cast him in sci-fi stories that go way beyond his much simpler role as Robin in Gotham City during the 1980s. What they're doing here just seems absurd, and certainly doesn't give Todd much realism.

  • At 12:30 AM, Anonymous uss_titans said…

    They should add more members to the team, some of the dead Titans would be prefer like Joker's Daughter, Coner or Kid Flash(Bart). Those dead one that link to the Multiverse saga. Well Bart did not died during 52 saga but I throw him in anyway because I like him as Kid Flash.


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