Friday, June 29, 2007

Kyle & Donna &... Jason?

Well now, we’re into Countdown’s run, and DiDio has decided it’s time to come clean – to let some fans know they’re right, to let others know that, while their guess may have been meticulously researched, they were slightly off base, and to drop a couple of major teases about what’s to come.

NRAMA: Moving around the image – Kyle and Donna…

DD: The couple – a natural couple to be together…of course, Kyle has a conspicuous yellow ring on, which shows that he, as Parallax has joined the Sinestro Corps.

NRAMA: And Donna in her old costume…

DD: We wanted to give her the look that most people recognize, and identify her with. Also, the color is significant based upon where she’s looking, and another character there, who’s looking at her. Even though she’s standing side-by-side with Kyle, her color signifies that her allegiance might be towards a different character than Kyle.

NRAMA: She’s wearing Red…so, Red Robin?

DD: Right.

NRAMA: But both Donna and Kyle looking off into…

DD: One is looking to the sky; the other is looking toward Red Robin. A lot of them are looking to the skies, though – as if something is coming.

Read the whole article here.

Also, for those interested, also from Newsarama:
Didio: "Wouldn’t it be great if we did another piece that featured just as many mysteries around our greatest villains?"

looks like we know what the Monday image will be :)


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