Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Lightning Saga:" Flash's Back!

Newsarama reports: When fans first heard that the newly re-launched
Justice League of America and Justice Society of America comics were going to cross over in a story entitled “The Lightning Saga,” it was safe to assume the conclusion would be a doozy. And now that the issue's out, readers have discovered its ending is not only a surprise, but the fact that it ties together with other elements in the DCU, all timed for release on the same week, makes it a double-whammy.

As their story is both making waves and inspiring questions, Geoff Johns and Brad Meltzer talked to Newsarama about the crossover's conclusion, how they coordinated it with other comics, and how some of those "Easter eggs" we saw hinted at things coming up in the DCU.

NRAMA: Why do you think the DCU needs "a" Flash back now? And why Wally in particular?

BM: It’s so easy to make annoyingly cryptic remarks, as well as ones that try to overintellectualize why Wally and Barry and Bart should all be chosen ones — but the truth is, I just like the character.

GJ: There were a lot of questions open about Wally and his family and people wanted to know the story — so did I! I’m really excited about Mark’s upcoming run on The Flash. Mark’s someone who has been hugely influential on me, even now more so than before I got in the business, and his Flash run is my favorite comic run of all time.

NRAMA: Yeah, but Geoff... be honest. You missed Wally, didn't you?

GJ: Hell, yes. I miss writing Wally, Linda and the Rogues a lot. I miss Bart as Kid Flash too. (And just to add my two cents when no one’s asking: the Rogues don’t do drugs. That’s Captain Cold’s #2 rule.)

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