Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Todd Nauck: Go!

Artist Todd Nauck tells the Pulse what it was like getting animated with the Teen Titans.

THE PULSE: What did you enjoy the most about getting to add a page to the Teen Titans history by drawing these issues?

It is an honor to be so connected to the Teen Titans history through my contributions on Teen Titans Go and Young Justice. I really like these characters and read their adventures during the Wolfman/Perez run back in the 80’s.

But one thing I didn’t expect was the whole new fanbase of young readers. Little kids and their families will come up to my table at conventions with their beat up, well read copies of Teen Titans Go. They will talk with me and recount their favorite episodes like I’m their best friend. It’s great to have a book that parents can share with their kids and have fun with. That is very rewarding!

THE PULSE: What storyline out of the ones you had a hand in was your favorite to draw? Why?

Probably the issue where they switched powers. I got to redesign their new looks as each character took on the other’s look. Like Beast Boy as Raven, Raven as Robin, Robin as Starfire, etc.

I also like the Kid Flash versus Mas y Menos “race around the world” issues. I like speedsters.

Also check out Todd's animated designs for some never-seen-on-TV Titans! Read the full article here!


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