Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tony Daniel on Drawing Conclusions

TONY DANIEL TALKS FLASH #13: The death of a comics character is almost always emotional for readers, but whether that emotional impact works well relies on the work done by the writer and artist. In the case of Bart Allen's death, the responsibility for the art side of the equation fell on the shoulders of penciler Tony Daniel. Newsarama talked to Daniel about how he got involved in this project, what he was told about the top-secret ending of the series, and how he worked to tell the story of the death of Bart Allen.

NRAMA: Did you know from the start, when you came onto the title, that this was coming?

TD: Yeah. Dan DiDio told me right away that this was a very important arc. That's why he wanted me to do it. He told me all the dirty details: that Bart was going to die, we're going to keep it secret, we're going to have fake solicitation covers, and this is going to be one of the biggest and most well-kept secret in comics. And it was. And I knew it was an honor to be asked to do something this important. It's also, probably, one of the most important issues from DC this year. And no one expected this either.

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