Saturday, June 23, 2007

Waid Returns To Flash

MARK WAID AT THE STARTING LINE: After twin shockers rock the world of the Flash, the writer speaks on his return to the Scarlet Speedster...

DC Executive Editorial VP Dan DiDio dropped word this weekend that celebrated Flash writer Mark Waid would “relaunch” the series with a special called All Flash #1 followed by Flash #231, which picks up the numbering from the previously canceled Wally West series. With Bart’s death and Wally’s return…well, you can guess who’ll be starring in Waid’s revival. Wizard Universe caught the writer for a revealing look at why he’s returned after so long, what he thinks of Bart’s death and what fans can expect from #231 and on.

So after we see what happens in All Flash, are we going to see the kind of status quo with the family, Linda and the kids, and learn about them there, or are you going to save most of the newer stuff for the first issue of the regular book?

WAID: I’m saving most of the new stuff for the first issue of the regular book. You certainly see Linda and the kids in All Flash briefly and you get some sense in All Flash of where they’ve been all this time, that they’ve been off stage, but I thought that it was important not to turn over all the cards with All Flash. Really, All Flash is specifically about Bart and Wally and their relationship and the passing of the torch, and how tragic it is to have to pass the baton and then to have to take the baton back. So, the family stuff and the new status quo is for #231.

Once Wally is fully reintegrated into the DCU, does the book pick up by saying, “Here’s a family of folks who can run fast”?

WAID: Oh, no. Not even remotely, and that was the last thing that we were interested in. The kids who are now—the girl is 10 and the boy is 8, at least physically. They’re fraternal twins, but at this point the Speed Force, the way that it’s interacted with their young bodies, has just kind of catapulted them up in age, as with Bart, in a very short period of time. So they’re now 8 and 10. They have speed powers, but they’re not running powers. They manifest themselves in different ways.

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