Friday, July 13, 2007

Is Jokester Duela's Daddy?

From Newsarama: In October, writer Sean McKeever and artist Jamal Igle will explore that question in Countdown Presents The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Syndicate #1 as they take readers closer to the twisted characters of Earth 3, where the heroes of earth are the villains and the villains are heroes. Along the way, the group will stop on Earth 3 and encounter the Crime Syndicate, as well as a new character, The Jokester. This "special" promises to tell more of that world's story and the origin of The Jokester.

Interview piece:

SM: Well, sure. It's a story from the Jokester's perspective, and it's a story about who he is and how he becomes the Jokester, and also, the story ends up solving a long-term mystery from the DC Universe.

NRAMA: A mystery from the DCU we know on New Earth?

SM: Yes.

NRAMA: He solves a mystery by...

SM: Well, through him, a riddle is solved.

NRAMA: A "riddle."

SM: Yeah.

I'll be the first to guess that Jokester is Duela Dent's father. It's a "long-term mystery from the DC Universe" that ties into Countdown. It would also explain Duela's yin-yang good-bad persona. What do you guys think? We gonna get Duela's origin at last? Should we start calling her Jokester's Daughter?


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