Monday, July 09, 2007

Marc Guggenheim On Flash #13

Newsarama reports: The reverberations of Bart Allen’s death as the Flash are still being felt, both throughout the DC Universe, where his public funeral is shown in this week’s issue of Countdown (#43), as well as throughout the fan community, where reaction to the death swings between the extremes.

We sat down with former Flash writer Marc Guggenheim for an in-depth conversation about Flash #13, Bart's life, and...Jar Jar Binks?

MG: Exactly, and I think that makes for some really great stories. In Bart’s death, one of the reasons why I agreed to the gig was that DC presented it to me as the first domino in a long chain of dominoes that will lead up to DC’s next big event. One of the things that’s great with what DC is doing these days is that things are plotted out very far in advance with a great deal of intricacy between the various books. A year from now, or two years form now, you’ll be able to go back to this book, and say, “Oh yeah – that’s where it all started.”

Read the whole article here.


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