Friday, July 27, 2007

SDCC 2007: Countdown Panel

DC's first panel of Comic-Con International - focusing on current mini-series Countdown - started just after noon on Thursday. Newsarama has posted a pretty awesome recap of this panel here. The Titans highlights, as reported by Newsarama:

The fan then asked if it's a curse to be a part of Young Justice given the recent deaths of Superboy and Bart Allen, to which DiDio jokingly answered that they're making their way through the team and are looking for the next team to kill.

The next comment was about all the loss that Tim Drake has suffered, and Beechen said it's been addressed, and that in the last year-and-a-half "We haven't killed quite as many people around him as before," and that it's part of the lifestyle the character has chosen.

The same fan asked if Bart Allen's death will be touched on in Teen Titans, and McKeever said there will be a memorial in #50 of the comics, which leads to the “Titans Tomorrow” arc.

DiDio started to wrap up the panel by saying this was the first Countdown panel where no one asked what was being counted down to. DiDio said that as of issue #26 the title will be changed to Countdown to Final Crisis, and with that, ended the panel.

Additional reports from
- Supergirl #21-22 will start to reveal what is going on with the various versions of the Legion of Super-heroes in the DCU, says writer Tony Bedard.

- Question: "If there was one thing in the DCU you could ret-con, what would it be?" Sean McKeever answered: " The Death of Conner Kent" Adam Beechen agreed with Dan Jurgens answer, which was "The removal of Superboy from Legion continuity Post-Crisis."

- Question: "Favorite & Least Favorite Character?" McKeever: Wonder Girl favorite, Aquaman least favorite. Beechen: Aquaman favorite, Lobo least favorite ("Contrary to public opinion, it's NOT Batgirl," joked Beechen)

- Jason Todd will be Red Robin "soon", according to Didio. It was stated that Jason has a lot of unused potential, and they wanted to explore, "what if he had a second chance?" The panel also promised "no more severed heads in duffel bags" for Todd.

- A fan asked if Garth would be back as Tempest and Didio answered, "Not at this time."


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