Friday, July 27, 2007

SDCC 2007: Superman Doomsday Preview

I justed watched the "world premiere" of the DCU Animated Direct-to-DVD movie: "Superman: Doomsday." For anyone that's a fan of Bruce Timm's animated universe... well, I think you'll love this movie. It has the same excitement and quality of the Timm-produced animated series. It's set as a stand-alone story, with no continuity with previous animated Superman endeavors. If anything, it's most in line with the Donner-Superman movies, as far as "continuity." It's INFINITELY better than "Superman Returns."

I won't be posting spoilers. But I urge everyone to pick it up when it's released in September. It's defeinitely a little more sophisticated, with a little more violence and some mild TV-MA words, but nothing too intense that a 10 year old couldn't see it. The animation, direction, writing, music and voice acting are all top-notch!

If this same approach is taken with Teen Titans: Judas Contract, I will be one happy viewer!


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