Monday, July 23, 2007

Titans Stuff in San Diego

It's almost time for geek Christmas. Otherwise known as the San Diego Comic-Con! What's the Titans Haps? Here's an idea:

THURSDAY 11:30-12:30 Writing with Mark Verheiden—Comic-Con special guest Mark Verheiden, co-executive producer of Battlestar Galactica and writer of the upcoming live-action Teen Titans movie, offers advice to aspiring writers in a lively Q&A session. Want to write for television? Features? Comic books? Bring your best nuts-and-bolts questions! Room 4

THURSDAY 6:00-7:00 DC Group Therapy: Leagues, Legions, Societies, and Teens!—The DCU is home to the world’s greatest super-heroes, and they have banded together in teams with one common goal in mind: justice. Whether they’re rambunctious teenagers from the future, WWII veterans teaching a new generation, the super-powered elite, or the sidekicks who have forged their own way, they are among the DCU’s greatest assets. Don’t miss this important panel featuring the best teams that define heroism in the DC universe. Geoff Johns (Teen Titans, Justice Society of America), Sean McKeever (Teen Titans), Gail Simone (Birds of Prey) and Tony Bedard (Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes) will be teamed with senior VP/executive editor DCU Dan DiDio, group editor Eddie Berganza, senior editor Mike Marts and editor Mike Siglain to bring you teamwork as you have never experienced before. Room 6A

SATURDAY 12:00-1:30 Wolfman and Kesel Writing Comics—Marv Wolfman and Barbara Kesel conduct a comics writing workshop, discussing how to create characters, story, and theme. If you've ever wanted to become a comics writer, this is for you. Room 30CDE

On the con floor, look out for Titans scribes Geoff Johns, Adam Beechen, Sean McKeever, Marv Wolfman and Amy Wolfram. There's also some Titans artists around, like Mike McKone, Ale Garza, Karl Kerschl, Sanford Greene, and more!

In the next week, check back to get all the latest Titans and comic book related news and info from the con!


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