Thursday, August 23, 2007

CBR Interviews Sean McKeever

CBR has interviwed Sean McKeever about his upcoming TEEN TITANS run: " Sean McKeever's first issue of “Teen Titans” doesn't hit shelves until next Wednesday with issue #50, but the fan-favorite author is already clutching dearly to his team of pubescent powerhouses."

"The fact that the Teen Titans aren't quite ready for prime time is in McKeever's view the major reason both he and fans alike are drawn to the superhero team. “Teen society is the great Petri dish of humanity,” said McKeever. “Take everything we are and amp it up times twenty – the emotions, the hormones, the drama, all of it – and then drop in a healthy dose of naïveté, and there you have teenagers. Each one of these characters has the potential to be the next Justice Leaguer, and it's fascinating to see how they strive and struggle to be a true hero.”

"McKeever says while it was Berganza who added Blue Beetle and Supergirl to the roster, he is very happy with the additions --so much so, in fact, that McKeever wouldn't mind adding one more. “I have no plans to shake up the roster anytime soon ,” said McKeever, before adding, “There's one character I'd like to add, but that's being discussed right now.”"

Read the whole article here!


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