Wednesday, August 01, 2007

SDCC 2007: DC's New World Order

From Newsarama: With 52 in the rear view mirror, DC Comics is deep into Countdown and looking ahead to Final Crisis. In today's DC: New Worlds Order Panel moderated by Dan Didio, they cut to the heart of the DC universe as it is -- and what it could be -- with burgeoning cast of creators with them, including just-announced Final Crisis writer Grant Morrison.

A fan asked the panel who they didn't want to kill, with Berganza saying "Kyle Rayner," Johns saying "Superboy - I tried, really." "I would protect every female character in the DCU," said Simone.

Sean McKeever said that "if there's a teen character you like in the DC Universe, there's a good chance you'll see them in Teen Titans - not on the team, but in the book."

For all the news, see Newsarama's detailed report!


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