Friday, August 03, 2007

SDCC 2007: Spectacular Spider-Man

I attended a panel on The Spectacular Spider-Man, a Culver Entertainment production coming to Kids’ WB! on The CW in early 2008. Michael Vogel from Sony Pictures Television Animation moderated a panel headed by supervising producer Greg Weisman (Gargoyles), producer/supervising director Victor Cook (Hellboy: Blood and Iron), character designer Sean “Cheeks” Galloway (Hellboy animated films), Marvel senior VP of creative development—animation Craig Kyle, and the newest voice of Spider-Man, Josh Keaton (The Young & The Restless).

The series opens about 4 months after the death of Uncle Ben. Peter has spent a summer web-slinging and starts the new school year, surrounded by a lot of familiar faces. The theme of the series will be "The education of Peter Parker," according to Greg Weisman. "He will learn the lessons that will make him Spider-Man."
The series will have a sort of "Hong Kong Action flair." Each episode is stand-alone, but there will be threads and arcs that carry over the course of the first season. Villains include Sandman, Green Goblin, Venom, Vulture, Doc Ock and the Lizard. The series will be dealing with the origins of the villains. Look for the Sinister Six to harass Spidey by season's end.

The crew took inspiration from the Lee/Ditko/Romita era more than anything, but "a good idea is a good idea," so also look some contemporary elements to be sewn in as well. Some origins and characters will be updated to accomodate changes in culture and such. The webshooters, we have been assured, will NOT be organic.

Look for just about everyone that's been in the comics to appear: Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, Flash Thompson, Liz Allen, Sally, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, (Peter's Buddy) Eddie Brock, J. Jonah Jameson, Curt Conners, Felicia Hardy, Coach Smith, Dr. Warren and a host of others. Weisman jokingly said a goal was to "not create a single character" and populate the cast with people that have appeared in the comics - even obscure ones!
This series looks fantastic.

I think this may be the best Animated Spiedy ever! Looking forward to seeing it!


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