Thursday, August 09, 2007

SDCC 2007: Teen Titans Animated Crew

So, since the end of the TEEN TITANS animated series, what have the creators, artists and writers been up to? I caught up with a few of them, and he's the answer to "Where Are They Now?"

Producer Sam Register:
The man who brought the Teen Titans to TV is now helming the new TRANSFORMERS animated series for Cartoon Network!

Producer Glen Murakami:
I saw Glen at the show floor at San Diego and we chatted for a bit. Glen is busy working on the revamped BEN 10 for Cartoon Network. Look for new episodes coming soon!

Story Editor/Producer David Slack:
David joined the writing team of LAW & ORDER two seasons ago and has continued writing for them. In addition, David continues freelance writing and even penned a LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES episode in season one!

Story Editor Rob Hoegee:
On the heels of story editing season one of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, Rob helped in developing the new STORM HAWKS series for Cartoon Network. He wrote the one-hour pilot and serves as Head Writer and Story Editor. "This is a truly amazing show - one that I'm very proud to be a part of," noted Rob, "Please watch if you can."

Story Editor Amy Wolfram:
Amy has continued freelance writing - including two episodes of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and at least one episode of STORM HAWKS. But Titans fans should be thrilled to know that Amy is writing the upcoming TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE 6-isssue mini-series for DC Comics. The mini retells the origins of the original 5-member Titans team of Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Speedy. I've chatted with Amy about her plans in the series and I think fans are going to love it! Featuring eye-popping art by Karl Kerschl, this series is not to be missed! Look for it in early 2008.

Writer Adam Beechen:
Adam has been busy writing a bunch of things for DC Comics, including a few recent issues of the ongoing TEEN TITANS series (#45-49) and he's just completing an awesome run on ROBIN. Adam is also one of the five writers on the weekly COUNTDOWN series from DC, which is one of their biggest events in 2007. Next up: Adam handles Starfire in the COUNTDOWN TO ADVENTURE 8-issue mini-series - which starts any day now!

Character Designer Derrick Wyatt:
After working on LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES for a season, Derrick is now a lead character designer for the new TRANSFORMERS animated series coming soon to Cartoon Network!

Director Ben Jones:
After working on LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES for a season, Ben is also on the new TRANSFORMERS animated series.

Director Matt Youngberg:
Matt is a lead director on the new TRANSFORMERS animated series.

Storyboard Artist Irineo Maramba:
Irineo is also lending his talents to the new TRANSFORMERS animated series.

I caught Irineo, Matt, Derrick and Ben at the TRANSFORMERS signing event, and they provided a few Transformers/Titans jam sketches! Sweet. Looking forward to all the future projects from this talented group!


  • At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Sarah said…

    That's pretty awesome. I may have to watch transformers now.
    Matt Youngberg is my best friends brother and I didnt even know he was CC.
    :/ how sad


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