Monday, August 13, 2007

Teen Titans Go! Still Going

With the announcement of DC's new TINY TITANS series, it seemed like it may spell the end for TEEN TITANS GO!, the popular comic book based on the animated series. But reports of the series' death may have been exagerrated...

J. Torres reports on ComicBloc: "Hello, everyone. Just got back from Chicago and slept in this morning

Anyway, there seems to be some confusion over the whole cancellation thing and I'm hoping to have a phone conversation with someone at DC to clarify this. Before the con, and the announcement of the new Johnny DC books, it was my understanding that we had until "at least #50" for TTG. Meaning, yes, the series was to be cancelled but we weren't exactly sure when. However, after the Newsarama piece and DC panel on Saturday it seems a number of fans approached Dan DiDio and Jann Jones with their objections about the cancellation... and before the weekend was over, I was hearing the book was not cancelled anymore!

But this could have been Jann and Dan relenting to the mob or making a snap decision or who knows what. I'm hoping it's true, but I need specifics (not cancelled until a certain issue number? until Tiny Titans debuts in 2008? until further notice?) and some kind of "official" word before I celebrate

In any case, I do want to thank ALL the fans out there who have been writing letters and e-mail, and those who "attacked" Dan and Jann this weekend, in a show of support for TTG. Paul Levitz himself congratulated me at the DC dinner for "inspiring such passionate and dedicated fans" and invited me to drop by his office anytime to check out all the letters and cards he's received from fans trying to save TTG. So, thanks guys, you rock harder than Terra. (Get it? Get it? Hee-hee.)"


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