Monday, August 13, 2007

Teen Titans Season Four Coming Nov. 20th!

The ever-excellent has posted the release info for Teen Titans Season Four! Warner Home Video is preparing to announce Teen Titans - The Complete 4th Season on DVD, according to our industry contacts.

The 2-disc release will contain 13 episodes, plus special features "that allow the viewer to access 'top secret files', and examine up close the opposition which the Teen Titans face in Season Four." There will be 5 separate "vignettes" (parts) of this featurette. Cost will be $19.98 SRP, and it's planned to ship on November 20th. We've got the studio description for you below, and stay tuned for cover art.

The series revolves around main team members Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven. While it is an action cartoon, the series is also character-driven, with a focus on the main characters' struggles with being teenage superheroes, their mutual friendships, and their limitations.
Seasons four is based upon one of the most popular New Teen Titans arcs, "Terror of Trigon". Many characters from the comics, including Aqualad and Speedy, appear throughout the series. This Deluxe 2-Disc Edition features 13 exciting episodes from this smash TV series plus behind-the-scenes bonuses.


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