Monday, August 13, 2007

Titans News from Wizard World Chicago

Newsarama reports on the DC Nation Panel:

A fan asked about the Marv Wolfman-written Raven mini-series; and it was said that it will be coming out end of this year or the beginning of next year. DiDio said that they wanted to get a bunch of the work in the can before they started shipping that miniseries.

A fan then asked about the multiverse being too confusing, to which DiDio said that they will be doing their best to always make it easier to understand. This segued into discussing how McKeever will make the Challengers from Beyond Earth 3 trip real easy to understand. Didio asked who readers will meet there?
McKeever: Jokester
Didio: Who is?
McKeever: The Joker
Didio: Who is?
McKeever: Someone’s father

Any Cassandra Cain plans? Yes, definitely. DiDio said.

Terra? March of next year.

Newsarama reports on the DC News Worlds Order Panel:

In the past, Didio said, the Johnny DC line has been built off animation products, but they're creating something original now for the kids titles. Didio introduced the person championing the new titles - Jann Jones. "I have a nephew who's three," she said, "and I didn't feel comfortable giving him the books, and I wanted to give him something more light-hearted and fun and funny." Didio said that, in order to come up with their new titles, they "turned to our source material -- the current comics." He said that "inside Teen Titans #50, you find out that the Teen Titans have a favorite show called Tiny Titans," and he showed a slide of childlike Titans characters. Then Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani were added to the panel. Baltazar said Jones called and asked them to do something for DC, to which he said he replied: "Before you say anything, I will say yes." Aureliani said Baltazar then called him and "I fainted."

Will we see the George Perez/Marv Wolfman Teen Titans graphic novel [GAMES]? Didio: "It's in the pipeline. It's just a very slow pipeline."

How long are Aureliani and Baltazar on Tiny Titans? Baltazar: "That's our book. As far as I know, we're all the way. It's the same Titans you know and love, but they're really, really little."

Will Nightwing be on a new team? Maybe.


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