Monday, August 13, 2007

Tragic News: Mike Weiringo Passes

I'm in shock right now. I've just learned that Mike Wieringo - one of the modern greats - passed away Sunday of a sudden heart attack. I've loved Ringo's art since his FLASH days and he's only gotten better. He's truly one of my favorite comic book artists. I've also met Mike a couple of times at conventions, and was a nice guy. What a loss. He leaves a great legacy.

Mike jump-started the Flash with "Terminal Velocity", helped introduce Impulse, co-created Tellos, contributed to a seminal run on Fantastic Four, and always injected stories with a dose of trademark fun, bold designs and a sense of whimsy that is missing from many of today's modern artists.

Newsarama reports the sad news here.
He will be missed.

Above: One of my very first convention sketches, which Mike did for free, of the Flash. Next: a Starfire commission from Mike from ACTOR, a charity for comic book artists and writers. Mike donated his time to raise money for the cause. Both treasured pieces in my collection.


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