Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Waid & Wally: Flash Fanboys

WAID BRINGS THE ULTIMATE FANBOY BACK TO "THE FLASH": With a resurrected "The Flash" title speeding into stores Wednesday with issue #231, Waid told CBR News that Wally West's life is any fanboy's ultimate dream come true.

"Once the decision was made, editorially by Dan, to pull the trigger on Bart, with the idea that Wally would return, then the offer was made to me again and at that point I decided, well, I love Wally and with the new status quo of his family, I probably have some new things to say about the character so I tried to fill those boots again," recounted Waid.

[...] Despite the fact that John Rogers ("Blue Beetle") is listed as a co-writer on the solicitation for "The Flash" #233, Waid has no intentions of leaving the title or his other DC book, "Brave and the Bold."

"John's writing a back-story," Waid confirmed. "Basically, we kind of started in a bit of a hole to begin with and [artist] Daniel Acuna is doing such amazing work, we are trying to build a little more time for him, so he can get a little further ahead. So, the idea was why don't we do some back stories that tie-in to the main story and sort of explain a little more about where Flash and his family have been but frankly, I needed a little help with the heavy lifting, as well, and John is a much better writer than I am so he makes look good," said Waid.

Beyond fleshing out the details of where Wally and his family have been since they disappeared in "Infinite Crisis," the back-story features will also provide subtext for the ongoing series. "I have said that we are not going to bring Barry back but if you read the back up stories, which are being drawn by Doug Braithwaite and written by John and myself, they are four stand-alone stories which each deal with a different Flash or history, like Jay and Barry and Impulse, and in four little stand-alone stories," Waid said. "They are also tied together into something that turns out to be a pretty major revolution for the ongoing series."

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