Thursday, September 20, 2007

Alé Garza on TEEN TITANS Departure

Alé Garza has confirmed his exit from TEEN TITANS on ComicBloc: "tis true i did get the boot, however...thank you all so much for the support... i did however get to do the covers for issues 50-53, so for that i'm thankful. i'm still pretty excited for 51 to come out, i think you'll all like it! as for comics as a whole, i'm kinda taking a step back... i've been working in comics for almost 12 years now. there's a lot of things i still wanna explore as an artist. so you probably won't see a whole lot of books from me. "

"i've made a lot of great relationships, and i've had some turn pretty bad, live and learn i guess... you'll still see me though here and there... working with aspen on fathom which is a project i have some time to really take my time on... aside from that some other long term ideas in the works... thanks again! sean is an amazing writer and it really doesnt matter who's drawing it it'll be fantastic!!!!"


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