Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ale Garza Takes on the Teen Titans

The Pulse reports: Ale Garza said drawing kids come natural to him, which makes the artist a good fit for the Teen Titans. He's working with Sean McKeever on the series and said he's "super crazy fun time into it!" Find out why ....

THE PULSE: What is it about this group of heroes that you find the most entertaining?

GARZA: I love the diversity of the characters. The roster I feel right now is the one I want to draw. I love Supergirl and Blue Beetle, so the chance to draw them now, is just a dream come true! How are they different from the pack? They are a powerhouse team! They are definitely not just a bunch of kids running around fiddlin' with their hair and/or duds. I mean this team is strategically one of the best put together assemblages of characters in comics!

Read the whole article here.


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