Monday, September 10, 2007

Baltimore Comic-Con: DC Nation Panel

Newsarama Reports: DC started their programming portion of the Baltimore Comic-Con on Saturday with the DC Nation panel, covering, well…a little bit of everything. The room was full of fans who at many times, were more than a little contentious with the panelists and DC Sr. VP and DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

Titans Highlights:

-- The “Titans Tomorrow” storyline, McKeever explained when asked, shows the Titans of the future of New Earth, not one of the 52 other earths.

-- Asked to talk about the thought process that led to Bart Allen’s death, DiDio said that they always had the plan to bring Wally West back as the Flash, and that one of the thoughts was to drop the “multiple Flashes” in the DCU that had been running for a while, hence the collapsing of the Speed Force and one true Flash. The storylines in Flash and the JLA/JSA crossover began to converge, and “It’s one of those things that just happened,” DiDio said, saying that, to be true to the story that was being told, Bart had to die.

-- A new artist will be coming on board Flash very soon, replacing Daniel Acuna, DiDio and Jones confirmed.

-- Asked if he’ll bring elements similar to Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane into his work on Teen Titans, McKeever said that he won’t be going the full romance route at all, but he will be focusing on the characters, and focusing on the interactions between the characters. McKeever pointed out that DiDio is the oncoming editor for Teen Titans. “Basically he’s babysitting me,” McKeever joked.

-- Asked about the new writer for Robin – DiDio announced that, following the Ra’s Al Ghul storyline, Chuck Dixon would be returning to write the series. Look for a conversation with Dixon about his return coming later this afternoon.

-- Peter Tomasi will write Nightwing after Marv Wolfman, and Scott McDaneil will not be teaming with Dixon on Robin.

-- Any word on the Marv Wolfman/Gerorge Perez Teen Titans graphic novel? DiDio: It’s up to to when their schedule allows, but Perez is busy on Brave & Bold and has a big project coming up in 2008.

-- Did DiDio know that Bart Allen would die when Flash #1 came out last year? DiDio: I knew that he would be replaced.

-- Where will Deathstroke be seen again? DiDio: The Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special.


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