Saturday, September 22, 2007

Conversation with Karl Kerschl

from The mild-mannered Canadian lays out the differences between comic books like ‘Teen Titans: Year One’ and webcomics like his own ‘The Abominable Charles Christopher’

You know, you’re the first Canadian I’ve interviewed for this column since I started. You’re also the only creator I’ve talked to with an established name in paper comics. Do you work on your Teen Titans: Year One stuff there at the studio as well now?

KERSCHL: Yeah, I have to juggle both things. I’m not very good at splitting my headspace when I’m on different projects. I’m doing the Teen Titans project, which is really my only paying gig right now, and what we’re trying to do is on Saturdays we all hook up and have brunch. Then we’ll talk about what we’re doing on the website. Then we’ll meet at the studio and work on our strips. That way we always have a day we’re devoting to the comics. But [during convention season] it’s kind of gotten out of hand, so the Transmission X work has crept into my weekly schedule. It’s slowly taking over, because it’s weekly and I’m not accustomed to doing weekly comics.

It’s definitely an interesting experience. It’s not stressful—yet—but it requires discipline.

Read the whole article here.


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