Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eddy Barrows Replaces Garza on TEEN TITANS

Some Titans fans were curious about the round-robin (EVERY pun intended) art on TEEN TITANS... especially after Ale Garza was announced as the ongoing artist on the book. Ale's tenure was supposed to start with #50, but so far:

#50: Randy Green
#51: Ale Garza
#52: Jamal Igle mentioned he was drawing this issue
#53: Jamal Igle mentioned he was drawing this issue (it will actually be Eddy Barrows)
#54: Eddy Barrows is listed on art

From Jamal Igle's blog: "I'm drawing Teen Titans 52-54, following Alé Garza . I'm having a great time. "

So what's going on? Well, Sean McKeever clarified thing on his ComicBloc thread: "Okay, everyone, here's the skinny on the art front: Alé Garza drew #51, Jamal Igle drew #52, and Eddy Barrows is drawing #53. Barrows is jumping over from Countdown to Adventure to be the ongoing Teen Titans artist."

I think Barrows is a pretty good choice. His work has certainly grown in the past year. I hope he can keep a monthly schedule, because the book sure needs some consistent art!


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