Monday, September 10, 2007

Marv Wolfman Launches New Vigilante Series

Newsarama Reports: Just as Wolfman introduced a new Vigilante character into New Teen Titans (which starred Nightwing) back in 1983, he’s recently done the same again in the Nightwing series. And – just as that character spun off into his own series written by Wolfman in ’83, the same is going for the new Vigilante some 25 years later. Or – to break through the attempt at being all flowery with the words: new ongoing Vigilante series, written by Wolfman (artist to be announced), starting in early 2008.

NRAMA: So tease it on out - what gets the ball rolling in the first arc?

MS: The Vigilante comes across a murder that hits just a little too close to home for him, and when he tries to get even with people responsible he learns an even bigger secret: there is a traitor in the DCU. It appears that a well-known hero has been supplying the underworld with information and weaponry, and it’s up to the Vigilante to find the traitor and stop him—or her—by any means necessary.

NRAMA: Will there be any other DC characters showing up?

MS: Absolutely! Practically everyone in the DCU is a suspect! Why did Vigilante really show up in Nightwing? Could Nightwing—or one of the other members of the Bat family—be involved in this conspiracy? And what about the Titans? Or perhaps one of the new members of the Justice Society of America? Or someone from 52? Everyone is a suspect!

Read the whole interview here.


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