Monday, September 10, 2007

Peter Tomasi On Nightwing

Newsarama Reports: As was announced yesterday at the DC Nation panel at the Baltimore Comic-Con, former Nightwing editor Peter Tomasi will be stepping into the writer’s seat on the series, starting in January.

NRAMA: Well, you know what the last question is from your editor days – we’ve got to end this with the big tease – what’s coming up?

PT: This is gonna sound ambitious and possibly pretentious, but the first thing that occurred to me when Dan gave me the book to write, was that Nightwing doesn't have a Long Halloween or Dark Victory. I'm not saying my story will resemble those or be as popular(but I can dream, can't I?), but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was hoping I could pull something like that off, an arc that has reverberations or at least feels classic and timeless and will be considered canonical. But what the hell, may as well hold myself to a high standard and see how far I can climb (or fall for that matter).

Without giving too much away, Richard discovers that some serious stuff is going on throughout the DCU that will have far flung ramifications on a personal and international level. And like I mentioned earlier, Richard's family of Bruce, Tim, and Alfred are key ingredients that I will not shy away from. When you pick up Nightwing there will be no doubt that he is the star of his own book, but you'll also see that the DCU is a helluva supporting cast and I'll be reminding everyone of that whenever possible.

And last but not least, being born and raised in New York, I felt I really wanted to make sure that the city I know and love was a character in its own right like Gotham is to Bats and Opal was to Starman. With New York being Nightwing's home and base of ops, I want it to have some weight and not just be some cardboard backdrop or generic cityscape with just the right landmarks plugged in from time to time.

Read the whole interview here.


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