Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sean Clarifies Crossover

Sean posted this on his site to clarify the details of the Teen Titans #50 and Blue Beetle #18 crossover:

I'm putting this out there because I'm getting kind of tired of reading/hearing about how I took/copied/stole/reused pages from Blue Beetle #18:

I wrote the plot and dialogue myself. I took nothing from the script to Blue Beetle #18. John Rogers' story in BB is a great lot of fun--as always--but I did not copy off of him. Here's how the process went:

- John wrote a one-page synopsis for BB #18.
- From that synopsis, I found a spot where I could focus on the Titans and Blue Beetle working together.
- I wrote the scene, adding it to the rest of my script to TT #50.
- John used parts of that scene, changing dialogue, pacing and POV as he saw fit.
- After Randy Green's art pages came in, I made tweaks to my dialogue, as I always do.

The result is that you have two scenes that don't contradict one another but have enough of their own flavor that they aren't just the same thing done twice. Personally, I think it worked out wonderfully.

Again, I don't mean to take anything from John, who frankly put some better lines in there than I did.

Please pass it on.


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