Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Talking Flash with Mark Waid

From Newsarama: Mark Waid is back on Flash – and for many Flash fans, all’s well with the world. Taking over the reins of the character again after one of the most successful swerves in recent comics history, we took a few minutes to get an idea on what we’ll be seeing in the book, and what happened in between those first two issues we’ve seen so far.

NRAMA: Well you’ve obviously got plans for the kids to be meeting up with a little peril in the future. You got the meeting up with the JLA in a few issues…

MW: Yep, and that’s not necessarily gonna sit well with the JLA. It’s not the Teen Titans days. A bunch of fans have kind of called on the idea, “Gee is it really a good idea for Wally to take an eight and a ten-year-old into the field now?” And the answer is, “Not really”, and we’re on it, and that’s part of the story. And that’s the questions the Justice League has when they show up as well. That’s the agenda there is to answer that question.

NRAMA: Well, you’ve obviously set up a lot of foreshadowing, that last little interaction between Wally and Linda, “We both know why they have to be heroes”. Can you promise one thing; can you promise none of it involves refrigerators or safes?

MW: (Laughs) Absolutely, yes. I can’t speak for what happens if I get hit by a refrigerator or get stuffed in a safe... The Flash book isn’t really about tragedy. That’s never what the book’s really been about.

And the biggest quote of the article, BART FANS TAKE NOTICE: "And that story’s not over yet. Bart’s story, as far as we’re concerned, is not over with yet. The Inertia story is not over yet. There’s thread that we’re gonna pick up on. A lot of more astute fans were a little skeptical that it was a good idea for Wally to leave Inertia in the Flash Museum…and that decision may or may not come back to haunt him. Or he may or may not have changed his mind by now. We will see."

Read the whole she-bang.


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