Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Terra Mini-Series Update

From Newsarama's Report on Baltimore ComicCon:

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti were sharing a table and talking to fans about their work.

Conner is working on various covers, including a few for Painkiller Jane, as well as finishing up the Terra mini-series she started last spring for DC comics. The publisher had her stop working on the Terra series to do other, more timely projects, including the Black Canary Wedding Planner that came out last week. "And now I'm back on Terra trying to finish issues #3 and #4," Conner explained.

And what does Conner like about the new Terra?

"She's different from a lot of characters they have. She's actually kind of like a female Superman," she said, saying Superman is like the Boy Scout while Terra's the Girl Scout. "She's very innocent and has a really strong sense of right and wrong. She's very moral, and Superman is her hero, so she tries to emulate them. So she's kind of the young version of Superman."


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