Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Winick Talks TITANS in Wizard Magazine

Wizard Magazine #193 hit the stands today. It features an article with Judd Winick and George Pérez. "Titans Together": Upcoming TITANS writer Judd Winick chats with Titans co-creator George Pérez about which comic creator he modeled a character on and keeping up on bikini styles. Moderated by Ben Morse.

In the article, Judd confirms the cast (yes to Flash and Red Arrow; no to Jericho and Tempest) and talks about his approach to the new series, as he shares his Titans' memories with George Pérez. The article mentions TITANS is set to launch in December, but it's been rescheduled to early 2008.

"Cut to the present, where Winick, along with artist Ian Churchill, launches the classic Wolfman/Pérez Titans roster out of a aTITANS EAST SPECIAL one-shot in November and into the ongoing series simply titles TITANS beginning in December."

Winick: I've actually tried to stay away from the online message boards since this was announced because I am somebody who has been typecast as somebody who writes dark stories, changse characters and kills them off.

Pérez: Oh you're THAT Judd Winick? I'm hanging up. [laughs]

Winick: That's me. [laughs] There is a way of storytelling that is lighter but not trite. Read back any of the origianl [NEW TEEN TITANS] stories and all the time the stakes are life and death, but at the same time there's a lightness to them because of the cameraderie. We're trying to emulate that sense of them not waiting around in the Tower for the bad guys to show up, but instead that when an individual on the team is going through something the rest of the team would rally around them.

Pérez: Who is drawing the book, by the way?

Winick: Ian Chruchill.

Pérez: Oh good. I know the fans like Ian, and it's always nice to have fans on your side. And all the originals are there?

Winick: Yeah, the line-up is Nightwing, Starfire, Flash, Red Arrow, Cyborg, Raven, Donna and Beast Boy. Am I leaving anyone out?

Pérez: Other than the latecomers, Terra and Jericho, I think that's everybody. And of course having Red Arrow is an addition from [the original Titans] line-up. I'm curious to see how Ian draws Kory's hair.

Check out the whole article in this month's Wizard!


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