Wednesday, October 03, 2007


From J Torres' Blog: "After weeks (months?) of speculation, and a buzz both online and at comic conventions this summer, the good news "officially" came out in this week's DC Nation column. I have been told that I can now confirm that Teen Titans Go will continue its present monthly schedule until issue #54. This brings us to April 2008. After that point, the series is supposed to continue but perhaps (note: perhaps) in a different format and most likely at a different frequency (bimonthly? quarterly?), but we don't know yet what that new release schedule will be.

In any case, you did it. You saved the comic book from cancellation. Yay, TTG fans!

And now might be a good time to send in those thank you cards and letters to Dan DiDio, Jann Jones, and Paul Levitz :)"


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