Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tomasi Talks Nightwing

Comic Book Resources reports: "Tomasi, a former editor with DC Comics before signing an exclusive writing deal with the publisher in April, takes the reigns of "Nightwing" starting with #140 in January.

Tomasi did offer that since Nightwing is such a major player in DCU, that fact in itself would inevitably lead to some fellow do-gooders stopping by from time to time. "I want readers to feel that Nightwing is part of the tapestry of the DCU," explained Tomasi. "I won't be shoehorning guests in just for guests' sake. I'm putting them in because I feel they either serve the story or more importantly to me, the character of Dick Grayson."

According to Tomasi, Grayson, who long-served alongside the Dark Knight as the original Robin, has certainly held his own since going solo as Nightwing, "Dick Grayson, in my mind, is at the top of the food chain," explained Tomasi. "As one of many writers lucky enough to script his ongoing adventures, I'm simply approaching him like he's the best at what he does. He's not a second fiddle, he's not a sidekick, he's the hero of our story and he's going to have a bumpy ride, but make no mistake about it he is respected by everyone in the DCU."

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