Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mark Sable Talks Cyborg Mini-Series

Comic Book Resources reports:
Sable said what makes Cyborg interesting subject matter is his past, which is filled with considerable highs as well as tremendous lows. “Before the accident that transformed Vic Stone into Cyborg, he was an Olympic class athlete and a genius with an IQ above 160,” said Sable. “He was also an African-American character torn between his gang-member friends and the then-emerging black middle class that his family represented. So he was rife with conflict even before he had Molybdenum steel grafted to his body. Once he became Cyborg, both power and pathos were added to the mix. He’s physically more than a match for most heroes, and I’m not sure we’ve fully explored just what he can do with machines. And although he’s evolved, he still carries around the whole Ben Grimm/Thing angst about whether he’s a man or monster.”

Sable acknowledged there will be meaningful appearances of not just one but two teams of Titans in the book, plus plenty more other cameos and even some debuts. “There’s a rogues’ gallery of familiar DC villains that I think were perfectly tailored to bring Vic down, a Cyborg Revenge squad if you will,” said Sable. “And best of all there’s an all-new group of adversaries called The Phantom Limbs that Vic will come into conflict with, and whether they’re good, bad or somewhere in between is something that Vic, and the reader, will have to decide.”

Read the whole article here! I like the sound of the plot on this one. Sold!


  • At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Mark Sable said…


    So glad you are sold. I can't tell you what a tremendous resource Titans Tower was for me doing research for this series. Not just for the extensive dossiers but for learning what some of the original creator's intent was so that I could honor it. I think there are actual links in the script. Once the series is out if you'd like an interview or anything else feel free to contact you.

    Hope you like the series...


  • At 12:45 PM, Blogger mcgeemaw said…

    Not a big fan of Lashey's artwork, or Liefeld's cover art.
    Looks interesting though.


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