Monday, March 10, 2008

Damion Scott on Raven

The Pulse reports: Raven is getting the chance to experience some of the things she never did when she was originally growing up, like highschool, friends and the trials and tribulations of fitting in. In her new life as Rachel Roth, Raven is going through the paces thanks to co-creator Marv Wolfman and artist Damion Scott.

THE PULSE: When working on a character like Raven, it's not hard to think you might be influenced by the artist who first drew her and co-created her, George Perez, but what other artists are influencing how you regard this character and how she should look on the printed page?

I looked at some of the George Perez work, just to get down the classic nature of the character. Aside from that, I'm just doing my own thing. Teen Titans has become popular due to the cartoon. So I wanted to create a style that was a three way bridge between the cartoon, the classic look, and my own style.

THE PULSE: What is it about Raven that you find the most intriguing as an artist?

The spirit aspect. She's an ethereal character -- ghostly, mystic. I have a personal fascination with the spirit world, so it was easy to get in to.

Read the whole interview here.


  • At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Gay Titan said…

    Great idea and concept, but cannot get past the horrific art.


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