Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Titans News from WWLA

Newsarama Reports Titans news from WWLA:

-- Are there any plans to cross over Justice League and Teen Titans? "I spoke to the editor of Teen Titans, no plans for that now," said DiDio. (DiDio is the editor of Teen Titans). "My goal for Teen Titans is that we have a lot of original characters right now, and I like giving them an opportunity to shine in their own right before we throw everybody into a big pot again," he added.

-- A fan asked about the upcoming Judd Winick/Ian Churchill Titans title, and DiDio equated it to the show Friends, and how it's about the relationship and friendship between the characters.

Future plans for the Cassandra Cain Batgirl? Beechen said he's doing a mini-series that'll explain the character's recent behavior. DIDio said they're not ready to announce the artist yet.

Hypothetically speaking, could Nightwing become Batman?" asked DiDio. "He could, but he shouldn't," seemed to be the consensus among the vocal fans. Van Sciver added that he thought Dick Grayson will eventually become Batman, but we'll never see it. Another said he "wasn't crazy enough," which led to DiDio asking just who is crazy enough - "Huntress," said one. DiDio asked "How about Jason Todd?" which the crowd didn't seem to like, because he "doesn't have the spirit of Batman," said one.

-- "Will be seeing Superboy or Bart Allen?" The panel played dumb and neglected to answer.


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