Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NYCC 2008: Bigger and Better!

So yep, I went to the New York Con again this year. I'm three for three now! Every year, it gets bigger and better. This year, there was definitely a more "San Diego" feel to it. The floor set-up and the aisle banners were a sign of that. Much better flow with picking up tickets and badges. They've really gotten it down to a science at this point.

The thing I like about the New York con, is that it's still very comic book focused. Sure, there's the gaming, animation, movies and video game elements to the show, but there's also a more comic book presence than San Diego. And that's great.

The DC booth, I noticed, was woefully understaffed. Many times, there was no one around to field questions. Even the pros were confused at where they were signing at times. No video screens. No preview copies (something that was done away with since San Diego 2007, as far as I can tell). No signing schedules posted. What's going on here?

By contrast, the Marvel booth had a bunch of staffers generating buzz and excitement. Marvel still needs to fix their signing station, however. They should take a cue from DC and create separate lines for each creator.... waiting in a massive line for 5 creators all signing at the same table? Madness.

Minor complaints. All in all, the show was a lot of fun. I felt like I didn't have enough time to do everything I set out to do! But isn't that always the way these things go?



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