Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NYCC 2008: Troia by Jamie Fay

The creative crew of the indie-hit, Sentinels, was in full force at the New York Comic-Con. Artist Jamie Fay and writer Rich Bernatovech were both in attendance. I got a really cool Superboy piece from Jaime last year (which I still have to scan, along with a few other pieces I will be posting soon).

A 10-page story drawn by Jamie appears in graphic-novel collection titled “Sentinels Anthology” that will be published in June. Right now, he is busy drawing “Neverminds,” that deals with ghosts, souls and other supernatural elements. Jamie was doing a lot of pretty cool commissions, so I had him draw Troia. I love the way this one came out! Read more about Jamie

Check out "Neverminds" when it hits. Looks to be good stuff!



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