Thursday, May 29, 2008

McKeever Talks Titans at Multiverso DC

The great Multiverso DC
contacted Sean McKeever to talk about Teen Titans. By Tarcísio Aquino and Ian Huxtable

MDC: How far in advance do you plot what's going to happen?

SM: I started behind schedule on TT so I've been working hard to get up to speed. Now that I'm at a good spot, schedule wise, I've had more time to look ahead. We have the series roughed out through 2008, and then we know a couple things we're doing for 2009.

MDC: About the Terror Titans mini – what's the basic premise? Will they be villainous, as we've seen so far or more anti-heroic/opportunistic?

SM: The Terror Titans are most definitely the bad guys. These kids are truly messed up and just the types for Clock King to manipulate. I can't say too much about the premise at this point without spoiling the current arc in Teen Titans, but I can say the Terror Titans will be dealing with the Dark Side Club, and that they'll have a new legacy villain. New to their team but not new to the DCU.

Joe Bennett says he wants "lots of blood" so I can't let him down!

Read the full inrerview here!


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