Wednesday, May 07, 2008

NYCC 2008: Sean McKeever

I chatted with current TEEN TITANS writer Sean McKeever at the DC Booth. I told Sean how much I've been enjoying the "Terror Titans" arc in TEEN TITANS. Sean said he liked digging deeper into the characters of Ravager, Kid Devil and Miss Martian. He liked the Miss Martian issue so much, he would consider spinning her off into her own mini or even (gasp) ongoing series! He said there's going to be some other familiar faces popping up in TEEN TITANS, so keep an eye out, Titans fans!

Sean also said he's having a good time writing Titans, and he hopes to be on the title for a good, long time. Here's hoping!
Sean was signing with TEEN TITANS artist Eddy Barrows, so I snagged a photo of the Titans team!



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