Wednesday, May 07, 2008

NYCC 2008: Sean McKeever's Terror Titans

Newsarama reports:
At one of the DC panels last weekend at New York Comic Con, Dan Didio introduced Sean McKeever not only as the writer of the ongoing Teen Titans series, but also as the writer of Terror Titans. It turns out that Terror Titans is the name of a six-issue mini-series that begins in September with McKeever writing and Joe Bennett on art.

And what we found out in this edition of our Floorbuzz is that this mini-series will touch upon that Dark Side Club everyone's talking about -- the one that's supposed to be connected to events in Final Crisis -- and we'll see a new, well-known teen member of the Terror Titans emerge as the story takes shape.

NRAMA: Can you tell us the premise of the story at all?

SM: It spins out of the current Teen Titans arc, and it kind of spins out of Final Crisis as well. So there's not a lot I can give away at this point, except it does have to do with the Dark Side Club that we've seen in the Seven Soldiers Mr. Miracle mini-series and that we will see in this current arc in Teen Titans, and also in Birds of Prey and in a couple other places in the DC Universe.

I don't want to say too much about what the Dark Side Club is. I'll let people find that out for themselves. But the Clock King has a relationship with the Dark Side Club that we follow up on in the Terror Titans mini-series. And the Terror Titans gain a new member. And it's somebody everybody knows. And it's all about what Clock King wants to use the Dark Side Club for, and how he wants to make his team a stronger team.

Read the full story here.



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