Friday, May 09, 2008

Serge LaPointe On Teen Titans First Year

The Pulse reports:
The Teen Titans have been getting the Year One treatment in an imaginative limited series courtesy of writer Amy Wolfram and artists Karl Kerschl and Serge LaPointe. LaPointe said inking this project is a "labor of love." But how do you go from loving something to bringing it to life in sequential art? LaPointe told us how he landed this gig and got to know these terrific teens.

THE PULSE: How did you get the opportunity to work on Teen Titans: Year One?

Well, I first collaborated with Karl and Steph on Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #3, and we loved the synergy it created so we wanted to bring it up a notch on Teen Titans. I'm inking it, but since we are all involved on every level, sharing a studio and talking about every pages together, we consider it a 3 man art job. With Steph gone, we're trying to get the same team work going with John, but since he's not sharing the studio with us, it's not exactly the same. But we're still going back and forth amongst the 3 of us to keep the same level of excitment and energy to it.

THE PULSE: What do you think of the Teen Titans at this point in time? Is this a group you knew a lot about or one you had to get acquainted with after landing this assignment?

I mostly know the Titans through the recent TV show that I watch with my nephew and my girlfriend. I love the fact that we're doing the early version of the team, and how we're allowed to go crazy with it. I know our portrayal of Aqualad doesn't make hardcore fans of the Titans all that happy, but kids love it, and it's an easily accessible title to all ages. It can easily be your first Titans adventure and you won't get lost and bothered by all the back story.

Read the full interview here!


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