Monday, May 26, 2008

Torres and Nauck Interviewed at World's Finest

Both J Torres and Todd Nauck have been interviewed at the great World's Finest site. They talk about their work on Teen Titans Go! and a bunch of other stuff. Chcek it out!

J. on future plans for TTGO!: " I certainly wanted Starfire to find Wildfire. The story I had in mind for that involved the Titans heading off into space again. As for Slade's family, I had rough ideas for more Ravager, possibly meeting Jericho, but nothing concrete for Slade's re-appearance. We were planning to bring him back at some point, maybe #60, but we obviously didn't get that far. Maybe if we ever got to do an annual or special, it would make perfect sense to go big and use someone like Slade or maybe Brother Blood."

J. Torres interview

Todd on the end of TTGO!: "
I loved drawing these stories. J. Torres really had a great handle on writing them. I loved it when we could introduce other Titans from the cartoon like Speedy, Kid Flash, Mas y Menos, Bumblebee, etc. Two stories that really stick out in my memory was when we had the 5 Titans switch powers/costumes and the race around the world between Kid Flash and Mas y Menos."

Todd Nauck interview


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