Friday, June 27, 2008

DC Nation Gives Titans Hints

The latest Dc Nation column was all-Titans! Just who are those shadowed figures, hmmm?

DC Nation: #119

I've always been a Titans fan, whether it's Teen Titans, New Teen Titans, Animated Titans, Terror Titans, Team Titans, Tiny Titans or adjective less Titans, I've always loved everything Titans. So this is a fun time for me.

When the workload of Group Editor Eddie Berganza (JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA; JUSTICE LEAGUE; SUPERMAN/BATMAN; GREEN LANTERN; GREEN LANTERN CORPS; FINAL CRISIS and all its tie-ins) started pushing his work day into the wee hours of the morning, I knew something had to give. So I offered some help and took TEEN TITANS off his desk; after all, I thought it would be "fun" to roll up my sleeves and do some hands-on editing. Not only was it fun, but it was so much fun that I went back in and offered some more "help" by taking on TITANS too. Working side by side with the always able Adam Schlagman on TEEN TITANS and newly promoted Editor Liz Gehrlein on TITANS, the game plan was simple, push both series harder and faster than ever, with stories and characters set to turn the world on its ear.

TEEN TITANS just finished battling the latest team of teenage villains, the TERROR TITANS (more on them in a bit), and lost a member along the way. No need to fear though, because Wonderdog makes his long-awaited appearance in the pages of this series in a story you can really sink your teeth into. But that's not the only change, as we are lining up new members guaranteed to shock and awe. And if you are wondering where the lost member might be, look no further than TERROR TITANS. This six-part miniseries puts our most kick ass Titan in the middle of the action as the Terror Titans take on The Dark Side Club. Last man standing might not be an option.

Over in TITANS, The Sons of Trigon (the embodiment of three Deadly Sins) come after Raven pitting her extended family against her bloodline. And after a brief interlude we call "Date Night" (featuring one of the more unexpected couples) the action heat ups again and as an old member makes contact and brings along a "friend" who is more than a match for the team.

"Hi! Jann Jones here, and if you're a Titans fan, don't forget TINY TITANS where in a very special issue, Beast Boy turns into, yes, you guessed it, a puppy." (Okay, Jann didn't really write that, but you get the idea.)

So if you are as much a Titans fan as I am, hopefully you will have as much fun reading these books as we do making them.

To be continued…



  • At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "the game plan was simple, push both series harder and faster than ever, with stories and characters set to turn the world on its ear"

    why does everything with dan have to be some great big "world needs to change" story?

    i haven't been a titans fan for all that long, i've only jumped on board with the start of this current Teen Titans series and i've watched it slowly go down hill from being a series about teenagers learning to be heroes and forge their own path to a series of dark broody world where everyone either wants them dead or they're at each others throats.

    for once i would like to see a story with the titans trying to balance some sort of school life with real life commitments whilst also trying to be a superhero. that's what impressed me most with the begining of New Teen Titans vol. 2 there was some balance even with crisis on infinite earths looming.

  • At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i think that the titans need some bleepin stability!! We cant change the roster every story arc!!

    and Dan Didio's a fan of the titans? that's a bleepin shock!!

  • At 5:26 PM, Blogger Tony said…

    I agree. I LOVE the Titans, but I am sick of roster changes. Between new members joining and leaving (Supergirl) and members joining then promptly being forgotten (Jericho)it gets old.... fast.

  • At 8:31 PM, Blogger GohanWInner said…

    Well, we have to remember guys, all those roster changes happened because of writers quickly being changed, I think with McKeever being on longterm we'll see that stability.


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