Sunday, June 01, 2008

X-Axis Titans Review

The X-Axis is one of my favorite comic review sites. The
web site is a work of critical comment and review by Paul O-Brien. Paul has a great eye for storytelling and structure. Seriously, somebody should hire this guy as an editor. He recently reviewed TITANS #1, and he touches on a lot of the fan criticisms as well...

"So, what's in the issue? Why, it's a series of scenes in which former members of the Titans briefly go about their business before being attacked by demons. One at a time. In fairness, you could say this fulfils the basic requirement of "introducing the cast" - although I'd question whether the scene for Donna Troy actually does that job.

And then at the end, all of the group stand around and discuss what's happening, and then they mention a villain whose name would presumably strike terror into my heart if I'd heard of him. But hey, it's issue #1, so it's totally reasonable to write a cliffhanger that assumes prior knowledge of the villain.

Oh, hold on. The team all get together at the end? Didn't we leave each of them being attacked by demons? Did I miss a scene where they, you know, escaped the demons? Flick, flick, flick... no, apparently not. They... just did. Wonderful.

Seriously, now, what is this nonsense? It has the veneer of a professional product, but the more you look at it, the more of a mess it seems. Existing fans of the Titans will probably get more out of it than I did, to be fair, but the rest of you should run to the hills."

For the full review, click here.


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