Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SDCC 2008: DC Panel Brings Titans News

Newsarama reports from San Diego: "Saturday afternoon’s “DC: A Guide to Your Universe” panel at Comic-Con International promised a few new announcements from the publisher."

>> "How many people are fans of the Milestone characters?" DiDio asked. "Well guess what? We're going to be bringing the Milestone characters into the DC Universe proper," said DiDio, mentioning characters like Icon, and saying that Static will be joining the Teen Titans.

>> Will the Milestone characters origins change? "We want them just the way they are," said DiDio.

>> DiDio brought out Brad Meltzer to discuss DC Universe: Last Will and Testament. "There are hints about where the DCU is headed," said Meltzer, repeating his comments from yesterday about the one-shot dealing with DC characters spending what they believe to be their last night on Earth. "You'll also see that one you face death, I believe, you try to find answers. Some people seek love, and some people seek the family, and some people seek drink, and some people seek sex. I can tell you for sure that Geo-Force tries to seek revenge on Deathstroke for killing his sister."

>> Titans writer Judd Winick joined the panel, teasing "I can tell you nothing" about the book. "We have an upcoming arc involving every character that has been done a Titan. So how do you like them apples?"

>> Any chance for a new Deathstroke ongoing series? "As anyone who saw in Identity Crisis, I love Deathstroke," said Meltzer, continuing to speak about the character's role in Last Will and Testament. "I actually asked Dan months ago if we can take him out of the DCU so we can do something really spectacular with him. You never really get to see his motivation, or what's going on with him, but you're going to see that with Last Will and Testament."

>> Will Damage "get his face back"? "He's just going through the first leg of his story," said Johns, saying he really liked the character.



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