Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SDCC 2008: John & Van Skiver on Barry's Return

Newsarama Reports: " In one of the most anticipated announcements out of San Diego Comic-Con for comic book fans, DC Comics announced on Thursday that a mini-series early next year called The Flash: Rebirth will re-introduce the once-dead character Barry Allen, bringing the previous Flash back for good into the fictional world he left more than 20 years ago.

Written by Geoff Johns with art by Ethan Van Sciver, the previously-unnamed comic book project had been teased for months by the two top-name creators, who orchestrated a similar return of formerly-deceased Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the 2005 comic series Green Lantern: Rebirth. The return of Hal Jordan under the hands of Johns and Van Sciver marked a dramatic resurgence of the Green Lantern comic book, with the title now ranking as one of DC's best-selling comics.

News of Barry Allen's return to the DC Universe was initially reported in the New York Daily News in April, but his "return" was seen by many fans as probably being temporary, since the character has time-traveled into DC Comics quite a few times since his death. But this announcement today indicates comic book readers better get used to seeing a new Flash around, and the two guys who revived Green Lantern will be the ones bringing him back for good."

NRAMA: Flash is a favorite character for you guys, isn't he?

GJ: The Flash is my favorite character.

EVS: Flash has always been my favorite DC character too. Always. I was brought into the Green Lantern Universe after I'd worked at DC. And that was a happy accident. But Flash was always my favorite.

GJ: His book was one of the first comics I ever collected. And I love Wally West, obviously. I wrote him for five years. I love everything about the Flash Universe. I love all the Flashes. But the Flash Universe is my favorite place in the DC Universe.

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