Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SDCC 2008: Judas Contract DTV Dead

Newsarama reports: "DC gave fans a brief first glimpse at its upcoming “Wonder Woman” animated feature, kicking off a discussion with fans at the San Diego Comic-Con in which fans and panelists talked about which characters they’d next like to see come to DVD."

"[...] A long-discussed adaptation of “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” is on hold, Noveck says, because fan support hasn’t been broad enough to vault it past other titles. "

"Levitz says the key to the success of these DVDs is whether they can sell a couple hundred thousand copies in the first couple of weeks — they have to do the kind of business to make it worth it for outlets like Wal-Mart and Target to carry them. Still, it’s a building process and if these discs continually sell well, it makes it easier to experiment with lesser-known characters and storylines."

I asked Bruce Timm about the status of TEEN TITANS: JUDAS CONTRACT, and he said it didn't ever make it past script development. Sadly, it sound like there are absolutely no plans for this one!



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