Monday, August 25, 2008

Geoff Johns on Legion of 3 Worlds

Spoiler Sport: Geoff Johns on Legion of 3 Worlds #1

Now we talk to Geoff Johns, the writer behind the Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds mini-series that started this week, to find out more about the Legion's future, what artist George Perez brought to the series, and what we'll be seeing in the next four issues.

Newsarama: Geoff, this issue spends much of the first part of the story inside the Superman museum. Was that an effort to make this #1 issue accessible to new readers?

Geoff Johns: It was, but that scene tells you more about Superboy-Prime. It's what makes Prime lose it when he discovers his big, monumental contribution to the history of the DC Universe ends with him being shoved in a broom closet. It’s a literal version of what happened to him last time he saved the universe and was pushed away.

NRAMA: His name was switched to Superman-Prime, yet he's called Superboy-Prime in this issue and you just used that name too. Is his title back to being Super"boy"-Prime?

GJ: He doesn't want to be Superboy-Prime. But he’s starting to accept it. He’s starting realize, “Hey, maybe this whole me becoming Superman isn’t going to happen the way I thought.” He wants to attack and destroy everything Superman has inspired and break it down. Whatever they call him, they call him. He's going to make sure people are scared of that "S" from now on – his "S," not Superman's.

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